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WHY you should workout, ESPECIALLY when you're TIRED.

Being tired sucks. Being over-worked sucks. It's hard to find time to make money, pay bills, be present in your relationships, grow as a person, maintain a social life and somehow find time to exercise, too.

However, once you can change your mindset from strictly using the gym as a means to an end (meaning you go to the gym only to satisfy an ulterior motive like losing weight) and shift to a mindset where you can also use the gym recreationally to feel good, release emotion and strengthen your mind and body, you may find that you especially like working out when you're BUSY.


Imagine absolutely ZERO obligation to workout. And lets be real, there is no obligation to workout - unless you're competing, an athletic trainer, in the military, a sports professional or your health is in serious danger. The rest of us CHOOSE to workout which means we can also CHOOSE not to. The CHOICE is ours and the goal is to CHOOSE to take care of ourselves, NOT to shame ourselves into feeling obligated to do so.

When you realize you are in control, you gain the ability to chose for yourself without all the weird guilt. If you can skip the gym on a bad day without chastising yourself, than oppositely you can make it on a day when you're feeling aiiggghhtt - ya feel me?

This doesn't happen over night; it can take years to develop a healthy, balanced relationship with the gym. But with baby steps, a little bit of self-love, and a shift in mindset you can start CHOOSING to workout KNOWING YOU DON'T HAVEEE TO! It may seem a little backwards or unconventional and that's ok. There are plenty of people who prefer drill sergeant style discipline. It works for some, for many but not for me, not for everyone. I believe that obsession, shame and guilt have no place in a healthy mind or body.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when I have to force myself to physically get out of bed, out of the car and get moving at the gym. But the comfort of knowing I don't have to and at any time I can say "F$#K THIS." and go home, helps me CHOOSE to get out of bed, get out of my car and get moving.

Once you CHOOSE to workout, you may find that you like working out especially when you're busy, over-worked and tired because the gym becomes a playground - a place to run around, take your mind off things, listen to your favorite music and get the F&%K out of your head.

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